Thursday, May 28, 2015

So here we are! Lyme Disease and a Spoon Giveaway you don't want to miss.

For those of you who know me from my jewelry/bead/book/pie/vintage/Zack blog called Pretty Things, welcome, and thank you for coming to the not-so-pretty side of the street. For those of you who have found me via a different route, welcome as well! I hope you'll sign up to follow my posts as well as feel free to send me emails, comments, or even suggestions for blog topics. I'm also always interested in guest bloggers.

So why Lemon, Sugar, Hold the Lyme? 

Well, you've heard that adage, if life hands you lemons, make lemonade, right? Well, I don't know about you, but lemonade kind of sucks without sugar. (And yes, I know, I know, bacteria love sugar so I should use Stevia but I'm just not ready to get into all that stuff quite yet!) It's even more fun when someone finds vodka along the way. Then you have a party! And "hold the Lyme" -- well, a play on words. Lemon disease sounds odd, but so does Lyme disease. But it's not about a fruit, I can tell you that.

I can tell you a lot more as days go by, but I wanted to kick start this blog grand opening with a giveaway. The talented and lovely Maire Dodd partnered with me to make a truly beautiful and meaningful piece of art for those of you out there suffering not just from Lyme, but from all kinds of invisible illnesses. I'm a fan of the blog "But You Don't Look Sick", and on their fabulous blog, the story of The Spoon Theory was born.

Christine Miserandino wrote a wonderful story that really does describe what it's like to live with lupus (the disease I was first misdiagnosed with). Please click her name to read the story -- it's clever and exactly to the point. There are a lot of "spoonies" out there. Those with Lupus, Lyme, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Hashimodo's -- so many weird and uncontrolled diseases that have in many cases ruined our live and in almost all cases certainly have changed it forever.

Maire stamped these vintage silver-plated spoons with the words "inner peace". When you have just one spoon left, you need to cling to that inner peace with all you might. You really, really do. The rose quartz is known as "the love stone" and is supposed to be the stone of unconditional love. As I'll explore in this blog, many of us who have a chronic illness find that our network of friends and family we count on starts to dwindle as people tire, or can't understand, or just get so bogged down themselves. That's natural, even if it hurts. But you have to count on YOUR LOVE for YOURSELF. You have to. You must.

Interestingly, the stone is also meant to encourage forgiveness and to help you let go of anger and resentment. That means the anger and resentment you may feel towards yourself, too. Believe me, I am in the middle of a HUGE existential crisis and I should probably drape myself in rose quartz post haste.

To kick off this blog, 
which I hope will be a place of healing not just for me, 
but for anyone who needs a place to vent, share, or (believe it or not) laugh, 
Maire has given me three spoons to give away. 

If you are so inclined and win one of the spoons (open to the US and International), we would love for you to make a small donation to Karuna Shechen, a non-profit that helps the Himalayan regions.

Why the Himalayas? Well, besides that they desperately need the help, I look at us as "C'Lymers" (thank you dear friend Keith, for the name). We're climbing the Himalayas, and we're going to make it down the other side, one spoon, one step, one laugh, one tear, one story, at a time.

Me, in healthier days.

Please share this with your groups and friends. I will announce the winners next weekend. Don't forget to subscribe!

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  1. Truly amazing! ^^b Saw the link on FB and promptly homed in to subscribe. Looks great!

  2. Love the look of this blog! The layout and colors are very calming and hopeful to me. And of course your pictures are always fabulous. I really look forward to reading this blog along with the comments. I know I will get a lot out of it. What a great way to start - with Marie's lovely spoons, full of meaning. I first read the Spoon Theory from a link on your other blog. I reallllly appreciated your help in introducing me to that. Wish I'd had it when I first started having chronic pain! Lucky I have a great family I managed to explain it to anyway. I look forward to more from you and this blog!

  3. Awesome beginnings, Lori. Look forward to the journey!

  4. You are an amazing, strong, talented and inspiring lady, and I hope that at some points you know it. I am proud to call you my friend. I am looking forward to following your journey here and cheering you on. Always here for you, lovely lady x x x

  5. It's amazing how many invisible diseases there are from depression to diabetes.

  6. Lots of courage and inspiration here Lori. I'm fortunate to be well today, but I went through a bout of another invisible illness (depression) in 2001-2002. I know what it's like to be in a crisis and all around you life is going on - and nobody sees you. Support from friends online is one of the things that helped me get through that dark time. Keep on writing and fighting.

  7. Congratulations on your forward movement Lori. Wishing you all the best

  8. This blog looks great; hopefully it will accomplish what you want to achieve. I am always interested in you and anything you ant to share: good, bad, or crazy. Bring it on. We're human and you show everyone what a lovely human you are. Maire's spoons are lovely. I love that you are generous and helping others even when times are tough for you. Everyone should. It's easy to do it when things are going well.

  9. I so love your attitude and willingness to share, Lori! I too suffer from an invisible disease, and have followed your journey for years. Wishing you all the best with your new blog and road to good health. <3

  10. I want to wish you well on your new outlook on life and the new blog as well.

  11. Dear Lori,
    Hand in hand we will climb and conquer. Love, jean! xox


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