Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Losing Sight

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Losing sight.

That has taken on two meanings for me -- the figuratiove...

losing sight of my dreams..
losing sight of recovery..
losing sight of myself.

Then there's the literal meaning...

blurred vision..
color blindness..

Even though I am definitely getting better,
I still battle with some scary things.

My right eye has a black spot in it, making it difficult to see.
My hands shake and are weak. 
I tried to make a wire loop for jewelry 
and failed miserable.
I still have the mind and memory 
(or lack thereof)
of early stages of Alzheimer's.
I can stare at a book and not know the name "book".
I've woken up and not know who I was
where I was
when I was.

All that being said, my pain is gone
Other than my back and feet, 
Which are learning how to stand upright
After nearly two years in bed.
My connection with the world 
      was via a Kindle.

Even though I have a huge pile of things to do...
Even though I will be reinventing myself 
in the jewelry world...
Even though I may lose some things,
I've gained a huge amount of perspective.

This happened to me.
Not my son
and not my husband.

It would kill me if they got sick. 
So I've got this. 
I can handle it.

I will survive this.


  1. You know...I have been slowly walking away from social media in the past week or is so filled with hateful posts these days (from all sides of the fence). I am glad this popped up in my feed FIRST THING this morning - best news all week! Perspective - powerful word. Blessings to you and "here's to more good days"!

  2. Your strength is impressive.. great attitude. Wish you the best..

  3. I NEVER DOUBTED FOR A MINUTE THAT YOU WOULD MAKE IT!!! I also know you will remember all of the things you learned along the way! I will say this again!!! YOU ARE MY HERO!!!!


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