Monday, June 6, 2016

Bite Me by Ally Hilfiger

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I just started reading "Bite Me" by Ally Hilfiger.

I'm only two chapters in and I'm in tears.

This. This is how it feels.

Lyme is also destroying families, and the really sad thing is, a serious illness is when people need their families the most.”


It's happening here, whether I want to believe it or not. At some point my child sadly says he can't remember a time when I wasn't sick. My incredibly hard-working husband tracks my medications, makes sure I take them (even at 4 AM), does laundry, cooks, tries to keep the house just this side of a mess. That really leaves no time to just be my friend and husband.

I can't remember things. Names of things right in front of me. Conversations. And horrifically, my son's birthday when I tried to fill out his forms for summer camp.

That's terrifying for a woman whose big desire in life is to write about my travels, my dreams, my downfalls, and how I ultimately conquered them.

Now the book will have a different ending.

I'm so tired that just writing these few posts takes hours. I hope to start telling my stories to my web cam. Maybe one day I can pull it all together.

I just don't know.


  1. Lori Dear I admire you and your husband and son. This disease is not an easy one and certainly isn't understood by most of us people. Keep fighting and know that you are loved. I cannot even pretend to know what you are enduring however I do know what a great fighter you are. I believe in the power of Prayers and Healing Energy and I continue both for you each and every day. Never give up my friend. You will be able to tell/write your story no matter how long it takes. Love and Hugs...XO

  2. We're with you.. Prayers every day.

  3. Sadly I can completely relate. As bad as it gets for us I always have to remind myself that I have family, friends, and a boyfriend who will do whatever it takes for me. Once I remind myself of how lucky I am support wise the other stuff seems a little easier to bear. Lots of love and light to you my friend! We'll get through this.


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