Sunday, April 3, 2016

The Beauty of Foot Baths for Lyme

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Ending my day with a foot bath of hot water, lavender oil, hydrogen peroxide ... and crap, forgot the Epsom salts.

There are so many detox foot baths for Lyme I'm overwhelmed. Some raise your body temperature and make you sweat out toxins. Some are easy, some are complicated. All I know us I'm lying in my tub on a blanket, foot bath full, breathing in lavender. That's good enough for tonight ... I need the calming effect of lavender.

Any other Lyme patients have a foot bath concoction they swear by?

Warm, detoxing tootsies.

Much love,


  1. I've been doing foot baths and detox baths for YEARS! My foot bath is a little bit different though; I use what is called an harmonic quad or "zapper" as we refer to it which attaches to the foot bath and charges the water with electricity to pull out toxins. We use Epsom salt to help the process, too. People think I'm crazy but it really does help!

  2. Looks soothing!


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